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Rules and Regulations of Awards

Read all the rules and regulations carefully before applying to awards. Read  and follow every step of it and follow them. Several applications get rejected as they do not follow these rules and regulations.

Procedure To Apply

Nominations for these are awards are accepted in online mode only and the link to apply is provided as the nominations process open. Follow the following steps while applying to these awards : 

1. Register yourself online

2. Attach Your Achievements/ Bio-Data And Photograph

3. Share Your Work/Views on our Blog.

Step 1 : Registration : 

                                     To nominate yourself to these awards, We provide here a link. Link is available only after nomination process is open. 

Step 2 : Attach Documents & Photograph : 

i). Send your passport photograph &  bio-data/achievements/work (in word format only) as attachment. Attachment button will also be available below the nomination form (step 1) at the time of nominations. 

The documents/bio-data must bear your signature and date. Photograph must be of high  resolution quality. Your face should be towards camera.

Step 3 :  Send us MS Word file, your outstanding achievements or exceptional work (in 500 words) done by you for welfare of society. 

 Step 4 : Blog Sharing : 

                     Share your views  about your innovations/contributions on our blog. Motivate your friends/colleagues to do comments in your favor as vote and support to your nomination. These votes are  evaluated by our jury team. Nominations having maximum votes will increase your chances to win these prestigious award. This is a necessary step toward final selection. 

*** Many participants do not share on our blog hence their nominations may get rejected.


1.  Bio-data/Achievements = 75%

2. Blog Votes = 25%


Award nominations are accepted in English language only. Any  documents/communications with us in  language other than English will be rejected. Several nominations get rejected each year due to violation of language rule.


   Votes as a support in the form of comments on the blog, is under observation of our jury members. They analyse each comments very carefully so as to know that to what extent work done by the nominee is accepted and supported by the society and how much support they are getting from the people.

Rules For Students Award :

Students can also apply for these awards who have done a remarkable work/achievements .

A Consent letter  signed by student’s parents/guardian bearing their full name, address and mobile number must be sent along with other documents mentioned above.

Consent letter must state that :  
“I give permission to my children to enter  e-Innovation Award – 2018. We have no objection if  our child is selected for this prestigious award. We have also no objection if his/her nomination detail is published or shared  by foundation publically in social media/newspapers to motivate others in society”.


   MIF is an autonomous body & it reserves the right to present or reject the Awards even after the selection of the candidate without assigning any reason whatsoever, without being answerable to anyone. These awards can not be challenged in any form in any court or in any other platform in India or Abroad nor any legal or other action can be taken  This applies to the jurisdiction of Hamirpur  district of H.P.

            All the rights related to these awards are reserved with the MIF.  It is a charitable work by the MIF to honor the people/organizations. The decision of the MIF will be final and it will be acceptable to all the participants. 


Any persons/organizations/institutions who have done exemplary or trend setting outstanding  work in the society in any field for the welfare of humanity can apply.


Nominations open :  in the month of August every year.

Last date to apply : Dec. 31 of every year.

Result Announcement :  1st week of February every year.

Standard Of Your work

For Global E-Innovation Awards, one must have done exemplary commendable work at international level benefiting the community at  international level.

For National E-Innovation Awards,  commendable work done must be at National level.

What You Will Get In Award

You will get :
1. Listing in our Global Database 2. Excellence Award Certificate 3. Official Appreciation Letter 4. Membership Card.
Note : There will be no financial aid/help to any winners

Our Experts

Our  jury members are very eminent personalities from various fields. They have a very vast experience. These board of members select and suggest names of outstanding winners to MIF independently and the decision of the selection board will be final.

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