National e-Innovation Award Result-2015

Mr. Pradeep Negi – Uttarakhand
Posted 2/15/2016

Mr. Pradeep Negi working as lecturer in Economics in Govt. Inter College – BHEL, Uttarakhand. He is working in remote and rural area. He has many awards to his credit for his innovative and outstanding teaching. He is 76% physically disable (Polio) since the age of 2 year old but he is working for students beyond his physical boundaries.
The use of blackboard and standing for a long time cause some problem to him in his classroom. So he innovated his own teaching methodology by integrating ICT applications in his classroom. These not only solve all problems but also yielded very productive outcomes in classroom and improvement in the learning level of students He is resource person for his state. He has motivated his students to create DYNAMIC and MOVABLE concrete tools for most of the contents of secondary classes.
He is using technology base assignment and projects using ICT tools and TLM. Interactive Quiz Program and e-contents are main part of his classroom. He has also developed various portal, website and digital library for the students. He has been awarded National ICT Award for his innovative teaching by Hon’ble President of India in 2013 and State government has also awarded him “IT Technology Award – 2003”. He has attended many workshops and training programme and also organizing various activities in school for holistic development of students.

Mr. Ramesh Prasad Badoni – Uttarakhand
Posted 2/15/2016

Ramesh Prasad Badoni is working as Lecturer in Physics in Govt. Inter College – Chharba, Uttarakhand. He is focusing on the innovative pedagogical practices in schools and its outbreaks in social environments. He has been working in development of e-content, on-line course and activity books of Elementary and middle level Education , design of Teacher’s Training module and Evaluation of In-Service Teacher’s training since last thirteen years at National and international format.
His primary interest includes the integration of information technology in development of pedagogical practices, e-content development, on-line course creation and evaluating impact of learning outcomes in the young generation.Ramesh Badoni is a National and State Resource Person for the ICT Education, MOOCS, Evaluation, and has participated in several projects and contributing as a member of the educationist community especially in Information and communication Technology.
He has won several awards in the field of education for his outstanding work. He is Google certified teacher and is associated with number of organisation for the welfare of students and society. He was awarded National ICT Award – 2012 by Hon’ble President of India for his historical contributions in education. He is National ICT Mentor.

Mr. N. Anbazhagan  – Tamilnadu
Posted 2/15/2016

Mr. N. Anbazhagan presently working in Panchayat Union Middle School Kancheepuram, Tamilnadu as graduate science teacher for classes 1 to 8th standard. He has received appreciation for his outstanding work from the state govt as well as center govt.He got the Tamil Nadu Government Technology in Education (INTEL) Award in 2009, 2010, Microsoft ITLA Award – 2011 and Microsoft (MIELA) Award – 2015 for his outstanding contributions in education.
His students got the 1st position at district and state level National Children Science Congress (NCSC) – 2013 for ICT project. He was actively associated with the project – SHIKSHA at national level.He is using Collaborating Learning methodology in his school by using google hangout & skype. He is working as resource person for his state over the years. He is associated with the e-Content development and ICT training of other teachers at primary and upper primary level. He is playing an active part in various workshops related with e-Content preparation at state and national level.
Internationally, he has suggested various improving Teaching Methods for Science & Mathematics in Japan in 2013. He connected his 10 remote area schools of Tamilnadu to the Japan, Ethiopia, Fiji, Tuvalu, Soloman Island and exchange their various educational activities. For his outstanding achievements in education, he was awarded with National ICT Award – 2014 by Hon’ble President of India.

Mr. Vijay Kumar – Panjab.
Posted 2/15/2016

Mr. Vijay Kumar is a social study master in Govt. High school Chowarian Wali, Distt. – Fazilka, Panjab.He has written books “A Resource Book on Teaching of English”, “Booklet on English for Students” and “Mind Map for 10th Grade Students on Social Science”. He has prepared Digital Lesson Plans for leaners and also motivating learning through SMS service. He has created “Learning with ICT community” for mass. He has attended number of training programme and workshops..
He has got several appreciation and awards in education. State Government has awarded him with State Award in 2010. He is the National winner of Microsoft’s innovative Teachers Leadership Award in 2008-09. He has also won NDTV’s Pearson Teaching Award – Excellence in School Teaching for using ICT in schools in 2013. He represented India in Brazil at Innovative Education Forum in 2009. He has participated in many national and international conferences and seminars. He is the state resource person and has delivered several lecture on using ICT in Schools in various schools and education institutions. He has his own web portal which is dedicated to the learners beyond borders.

Govt. Middle School – Mahalaxmi, Shajapur – Madhya Pradesh 

Posted 2/15/2016

Mr. Manohar Lal Rai is working as Head Master in Govt. Middle School Shajapur, Madhya Pradesh. He is using wide range of ICT skills. He has practically solved the problem of school administration using ICT by setting up local video conferencing set up in every classroom of his school. He can interact with the students of any class and can engage them in their study and other activities even when there is no staff in the school. For these unique and innovative practices, he was awarded with National ICT Award by Hon’ble President of India in 2015. Many people across the India are visiting to his school to see his innovations. He is also promoting e-Learning in his school. By his innovative vision he has motivated and aware the people by doing street drama and culture activities in his city by mean of ICT tools. He has solved the funds problem by raising many helping hand for his school for various development activities in school.

Ms. Priya Thakur – Himachal Pradesh
Posted 2/15/2016

riya Thakur is studying in 12th standard (Medical Science) in GSSS – Mundkhar, Himachal Pradesh. She is very brilliant and outstanding student who is using the various tools and techniques in her learning and is also helping the other students.She has brought honour to her school many times in various activities at National and International Level.Priya has been awarded “Certificate of Merit” for All India Digital India Competition by Ministry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD), Govt. of India. She has been awarded LAPTOP by Govt. of H.P. for her outstanding academic performance in the exams. Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education – Dharamshala has also awarded her Merit Certificate for her outstanding performance in board exams.
She has encouraged and guided about 80 students of her school to participate in :National Level Online Contest” by DFC & Parle-G and has helped them to win certificates for their innovative work. She has also completed several online courses from various international platforms and also guided and motivated other 22 students to do same e- learning programme.Priya was the 1st student to interact with the students of other state schools from Panjab, Uttarakhand and Rajasthan through virtual classes or e_learning programme in the school. She has helped the other students for effective communication and in confidence building while conducting virtual classroom in the school.
She has got 1st position from 1st standard to 11th standard in academic. She has also got 1st position in various cultural and co-curricular activities. She has also participated and won in various quiz and science fair competition. She is using OLab/Online Lab. (A programme of MHRD, GOI) for practical conceptual clarity.

Chiranjiv Bharati School, Gurgaon – Haryana
Posted 2/15/2016

Chiranjiv Bharati School is located in Gurgaon, Haryana. Ms. Sangeeta Saxena is the principal of school. School is imparting age-old values to coming generation. School has been appreciated by The Hon’ble Vice President of India for its environment awareness campaign. Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has appreciated energy conservation programme of school in 2013.

School is promoting learning beyond textbooks and innovative e-way for learning and assessment to know the understanding level of each student within the class. Regular cyber security classes are being conducted for students. Touch table for fun way learning of students. 3D theatre is the modern way to impart digital awareness.Every corner of the school is under the CCTV surveillance. GPS, Cameras and speed governors are installed in the school buses.e-Dikhsha is a school initiative to spread awareness in community about various social issues. Free e-Literacy program for girl child, free skill development program for women, free road safety and health and e-waste management.

. School was the 1st runner up in Mission Enrgy Program with NDTV. is also its part. Every classroom is internet connected with skype interaction facilities. Flip classes are being held within the premises of the ICT incubator. school has icloud campus and students are part of it and can access video and text of any topic of science and maths.School is the winner of International School Award 2015 by British Council.